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The Rules Of European Roulette

European roulette, sometimes called a French version of roulette game (keep in mind that actually French roulette differs from European roulette as the table layout isn’t the same) is very easy, though gripping to play. Let the fact that the easier game, the higher house edge don’t slip your memory. Though truth be told in comparison to American roulette, European roulette has quite a reasonable house edge. Bear in mind that for the former it’s 5.27% and for the latter it’s 2.7%. If you are keen on playing European roulette in any US casino, it’ll  take you effort to find such gambling establishments there, nevertheless it’s possible. But keep in mind that bets are likely to be higher in European roulette and the casinos work not that long as casinos where American roulette is played.

Nonetheless there are a number of differences between American and European roulettes, there are some common rules roulette and they are as follows:

  • it’s allowed up to eight players to seat at the same roulette table;
  • there’s a croupier who spins a wheel and a ball, though in the opposite direction, he or she operates bets and payouts, players can exchange roulette chips for cash chips in order to cash them in;
  • playing chips have no value printed on them, though cash chips are of some worth;
  • bets can be laid and chips can be exchanged till the moment when a croupier says ‘no more bets’;
  • after a ball lands in some segment of a wheel, and the result is known, meaning that a dolly will be put on the won number, a croupier handles the lost and won bets. All the lost bets will become casino  property, and after croupier’s paying to winners new bets can be placed.

European roulette has such an option as imprisonment, when it’s a zero segment that a ball stopped at. Players will be offered either to have half of their bets back at once or have one more spin that will clear up the matter, and if it’s a section that a player hasn’t placed a bet at, then  a bet is lost. Though if it’s the right guessed segment, then a player gets the initial bet back. European roulette can use “La Partage” rule suggesting that a player has no option of choosing whether to have half of bet back or have one more spin. Here only one possibility is available, half of money. Partage is literally a fragmentation. Though in European roulette La Partage is allowed to be applied only to outside bets.

European roulette turned out to give origin to American roulette, the so called domino effect. But the former is much more popular among players than the latter. No matter which roulette game you may choose good luck will be the right thing to keep about.

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