No need to be a die hard Trekkie to understand how to play the Star ..." /> Star Trek Slot Machine By IGT Play Online | Sign Up Bonuses Available.

IGT Slots Star Trek Slot

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Star Trek Slot

Star Trek Slot

Star Trek Slot

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No need to be a die hard Trekkie to understand how to play the Star Trek slot machine developed by IGT, and also no need to be the worlds biggest Trekkie to enjoy this machine, although if you are it may add a little more excitement to it. Star Trek By IGT is a five reel slot machine which is paled over thirty winning lines. It features standard fruit machine symbols along with a variety of Star Trek characters plus wild and scatter symbols.

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The Star Trek slots come with four bonus rounds, but unlike most online slots which you play, all four of the bonus rounds are the same. Sound a little strange? Well not really, they are not exactly the same, but all four bonus rounds are all free spins bonus rounds. When it comes to playing these bonuses, none is particularly better than the other, which is slightly unusual for a video slot machine, although we are certain that different players will all have a favourite on this great IGT slot machine. All the bonus rounds are based on a Star Trek character, these are; Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Scotty.

Star Trek Bonus Rounds

[vision_dropcap style=”square” color=”red-2″]K[/vision_dropcap]irk Free Spins Bonus: This bonus round is entered in the same way that all bonus rounds are entered. What you are looking for is three bonus symbols on lines two, three and four. The first two bonus symbols are the same and the third decides which bonus you will play, in the case of playing the Kirk free spins bonus, the third bonus symbol will have a picture of Kirk on it, and for other bonus rounds, they will have the picture of the character of the selected bonus. Once you have entered this free spins bonus round you will be rewarded with 3 – 6 free spins, doesn’t sound much? Well for a start free spins can be re-triggered up to 250 can be gained in one spin and also in this particular round, a free spin is only deducted from your total free spins if it is a winning free spin, so every free spin is a winner with the added bonus of a 3x multiplier.

[vision_dropcap style=”square” color=”red-2″]S[/vision_dropcap]pocks Wild Spins: Once a player enters this bonus, they will receive anything between 10 and 15 free spins, please note as in all bonus rounds extra free spins can be gained by re-triggering the bonus. In this bonus game you will find a 2x multiplier and extra Spock wilds on reels 2,3,4 and five. These extra wild symbols can mean the difference between small wins and huge wins. As stated before, everyone will have their own favourite bonus, and this one is mine.

[vision_dropcap style=”square” color=”red-2″]S[/vision_dropcap]cotty Multiplier Spins: When you enter via Scotty you are rewarded with 10 free spins. For your first five free spins in this round you will be rewarded with a multiplier of between 2x and 5x, and for free spins 6 – 10 you will be rewarded with a multiplier of between 4x to 10x. As you can see, the last five free spins can be very very rewarding.

[vision_dropcap style=”square” color=”red-2″]U[/vision_dropcap]hura Scatter Spins: This bonus will award the player between six and twelve free spins, with extra Uhura symbols. In this round a player can get as many as eight Uhura wild symbols on the reels in any spin of the reels.

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