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Rainbow Riches vs Leprechauns Luck

Rainbow Riches LeprechaunSo given the choice, which do you prefer, Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold or Leprechauns Luck? Many may not have heard of the Leprechauns Luck slot machine, as it is developed by the relatively unknown Ash Gaming, whereas Rainbow Riches is developed by Barcrest, the top slot machine developer in the UK and a subsidiary of IGT, so it is no wonder the Rainbow Riches slot machine is better known, but is it a better slot machine?

Well first up there is the fact that Leprechauns Luck is simply a copy of the Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold slot, like many companies, Ash Gaming jumped on the bandwagon of Irish themed slot machines after seeing the great success that Barcrest had with their machine. But it is undeniable that Leprechauns Luck has some of the great features which Pots Of Gold is missing, like a free spins bonus round and a huge progressive jackpot. So even if it is a copy, the game play is certainly better. Not only would one notice the far better bonus rounds when playing Leprechauns Luck online, but it is quite obvious to the eye that not only is the game play better, but the graphics and sound effects seem considerably better too and it comes as no wonder considering that Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold is getting a little dated now.

So what does Rainbow Riches have that Leprechauns Luck does not? Well giving it a real hard thought, nothing. The only thing that Rainbow Riches has is originality, but just because it was the first of its kind, it does not make it a better game to play. These days however there are other versions of the Rainbow Riches machines out there, ones which may make Leprechauns Luck slot machine look out dated and inferior, but unfortunately for online slots fans, none of these great Rainbow Riches machines are available to play online at the moment.

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