The History Of Slot Machine Games

Among the many casino games that offer various casinos both online and land-based, the game’s favorite Italian is undoubtedly the Slot Machine . The reason for this is certainly due to the fact that this device is simple and intuitive, even a beginner can have fun without any problems and all, you can win prizes just by spending the least money.

The Slot Machine then are fun, colorful, full of sound and attract all age groups.

Slots were invented by the German Charles Fey . Fey is the last of 16 brothers and was born in 1862 in Bavaria under the sign of Aquarius. At age 15 he moved to France for several years, where he specialized in the construction of musical instruments. His transfers do not end there because it just turns 20 he emigrated to the United States, specifically in New Jersey where he goes to live with his uncle. There then works in a company that produces electrical equipment. His creative mind is the space From the earliest years and this is the work done together with musical instruments and electrical equipment to create the basis for the invention more enjoyable and fun to the world.

Regarding exact year of construction of the first Slot Machine there are many doubts: many say that it was the 1887, but others say he was sure that a few years later in 1895. What is certain is that the first slot machine was called Liberty Bell and was simply composed by a mechanism, once you could have guessed this combination was able to control the opening of a box containing the money. To start the reels and trigger the mechanisms needed to insert a penny and pull the lever. At the rollers were 5 and above were designed as symbols of poker cards, but unfortunately the combination with the cards were too many and therefore too difficult to manage. To avoid confusion of the changes were made: 3 reels and 5 symbols.

The symbols were diamonds, hearts, swords, horses’ hooves and of course could not miss the Liberty Bell or the bell. With this change was also made ​​that allowed a mechanic I implement an automatic release of the payout, driven at the time it appeared the symbol of the Liberty Bell. Then the highest payout was 10 nickel, but now the amounts won are much higher. From the name of this bell was made ​​into the name of the first Slot Machine, which they then stored for years and it is precisely their success in the past to open the doors of the popularity that our current Slot Machine.

Subsequently industry Herbert Mills in Chicago, in 1907 produced another called Operator Bell Slot Machine. The following year, in 1908 it was possible to play with the slot everywhere, in fact they were positioned not only in the bar, but also in many barber shops and cigar, bowling alleys, clubs and many other places in practice they were everywhere.

Later after the boom of their popularity there were many other companies that started producing their own versions of slot machines, each with its own peculiarities. If you think the famous slots with BAR symbol that is easily found in various places, comes from what was the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company. In the past many slots instead of giving money winnings gave him as a reward of chewing gum of different tastes: for this in some rollers are the symbols of fruits like cherry, lemon, melon, etc.. In many states, however, having money winnings prohibited, Slots paid with basic necessities like vegetables and bread. Are you curious to see live the first Liberty Bell Slot Machine? In the State of Nevada in the USA you can see the original at the Liberty Belle Saloon.

The story is long ee of years have passed, currently Slots are a strong point for the gaming industry to money both online and land, because this is a game for everyone, fun and easy to understand. So hopefully that will be legalized soon in the market of Online Gambling Italian so we could have fun with real money!

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